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Paddling Gear for People and Planet šŸŒŽ

Paddlers are often a group of people who can rally for a cause - advocating for the undamming of rivers, for the prot...

How To | Dry Suit Zipper Care

The zipper is the most expensive part of a drysuit and can be very costly to replace. Zipper care is an essential par...

Latex Gasket Care & Maintenance

Learn the best ways to maximize the life of your latex gaskets. All the dos and don'ts of latex gaskets.

Gowntown | Our Part In The Fight

A team, comprised almost entirely of kayakers, works diligently manufacturing hundreds of medical gowns daily. Mere w...

DIY | Latex Wrist Gasket Repair

A DIY guide to repairing your latex wrist gasket. 10 easy steps to gasket repair perfection!

DIY | Dry Wear Repair

Here is how you can repair your own dry wear with this quick, simple, do-it-yourself dry wear repair guide.Ā 

Casslman Cleanup | POSTPONED

The Casselman Cleanup scheduled for April 11th, 2020 has been POSTPONED until an undetermined later date.

Sespe River | Southern California

The Sespe slowly gathers steam as it descends from Rose Valley carving a distinctive U shape around the ever-present ...

Simpson Valley | Canada

As we gotĀ closerĀ it becameĀ clearĀ that we had made it. The Simpson River was right in front of us.

Donner Ć¼nd Blitzen: Desert Scarcity | Rain, Not Reindeer.

For a particular high desert treat we awoke the next morning to the subtle transition of raindrops morphing into the ...

DIY | Spray Skirt Tear Repair

Spray skirts can last a long time with proper care but rock hits, paddle strikes, and general wear can tear the neopr...

Low Water Highs | Opening Up The Lower John Day

The full moon had dipped below the hilltops before we arrived at the river, and our frigid approach to the narrows be...
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