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How-To | Folding A Dry Suit

How-To | Folding A Dry Suit

Now before you attack us be aware, there are millions of ways to fold a dry suit. If you have a preferred method, keep doing it. However, I have found that I fancy this method. It holds the suit together, avoids unraveling, and doesn't put excess stress on the zippers. Zipper repairs are expensive. Try to keep your zippers in good shape, avoid prolonged periods of zipper bends, keep zippers clean of debris and adequately lubricated. This dry suit fold only takes a few seconds and will make you look like a real dry suit pro. 

Step 1 | Lay your suit out on a non-abrasive surface as pictured below.

Step 2 | Starting from the feet, start to roll the suit upward evenly.

Step 3 | Continue your roll. You can play with the size of fold here. I find that 8-12" in width works best.

Step 4 | Once your roll is complete, you will stuff the dry suit's arms through the center of the suit roll, as demonstrated below. Think of it as the jelly in a long donut or the cream in the churro. It might take some finagling. I often push in the arm on one side and reach in from the other to pull it entirely through. Do this with both of the suit arms. Pulling the arms through in opposite directions will lock the suit fold into place. 

Step 5 | Tug on the arms gently to firm up your fold. 

Step 6 | Success! Now show your friends how to not be dry suit fold beaters.

 Commence boating. 

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