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Jul 13, 2020

Importance of Community

One area there house became an island and three members of the family where stuck. The team was able to paddle across and helped them. The community there were so grateful that they cheered, clapped and the village elder invited us into his home to have tea and bread. 

Jul 8, 2020

Facing Fears with Friends

How do we measure success? Is there a unit, or gauge? I’ve been exploring this idea while pondering paddling winters in Colombia and more nebulous thoughts, and while there’s yet to crystallize a formula, I believe I’ve found two key elements.

Jun 18, 2020

A Letter To Our Customers Regarding The BLM Movement

In the end, we wanted to make sure that we were saying something substantive and reflected how much thought we have given this subject.

Jun 15, 2020

Repair Close Up | Stephanie's Lucky Charm

Not every piece of gear is repairable. But, we pride ourselves on taking steps to keep equipment alive while also finding the best solution for our customers.

Jun 1, 2020

DIY | Latex Neck Gasket Replacement

A DIY guide to replacing your latex neck gasket. Never get stuck with a torn neck gasket again!

May 20, 2020

Paddling Gear for People and Planet 🌎

Paddlers are often a group of people who can rally for a cause - advocating for the undamming of rivers, for the protection of natural resources, promoting more recycling, trying to buy sustainably sourced foods, and striving to live with a smaller footprint on the planet, among other things.  Unfortunately, as much as we paddlers would like to think otherwise, our sport is not one without its own share of adverse environmental costs

May 4, 2020

How To | Dry Suit Zipper Care

The zipper is the most expensive part of a drysuit and can be very costly to replace. Zipper care is an essential part of owning a drysuit and can help you avoid a costly replacement. Taking these steps will benefit you and your

Apr 23, 2020

Latex Gasket Care & Maintenance

Learn the best ways to maximize the life of your latex gaskets. All the dos and don'ts of latex gaskets.

Apr 16, 2020

Gowntown | Our Part In The Fight

A team, comprised almost entirely of kayakers, works diligently manufacturing hundreds of medical gowns daily. Mere weeks ago, this team of school teachers, business owners, river guides, bike mechanics, and chefs could not have imagined they would be working in unison, hunched over tables amongst the whiz of machines.

Apr 2, 2020

DIY | Latex Wrist Gasket Repair

A DIY guide to repairing your latex wrist gasket. 10 easy steps to gasket repair perfection!

Mar 20, 2020

Casslman Cleanup | POSTPONED

The Casselman Cleanup scheduled for April 11th, 2020 has been POSTPONED until an undetermined later date.

Mar 10, 2020

Sespe River | Southern California

The Sespe slowly gathers steam as it descends from Rose Valley carving a distinctive U shape around the ever-present massive of the Topatopa mountains. 
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