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The Paddling Jacket Of Your Dreams | Long Sleeve Nano

Every paddler needs a paddle jacket for those warm days on the water, something a little lighter than a full-on dry top and void of uncomfortable latex gasket closures. Our Long Sleeve Nano Paddle Jacket is the perfect summertime paddling companion. Derived from our long-loved short-sleeved Nano jacket, we adjusted the cut and additional arm length for when a little more than a shorty is needed or desired. 

All that steeze, all that style

The long sleeve Nano is a semi-dry paddle jacket made to provide superior comfort. This paddle jacket is not only exceptionally lightweight but durable and comes outfitted with flexible neoprene neck and wrist closures, eliminating unpleasant latex gaskets.

Neoprene wrist cuffs for maximum comfort

Our tailored cut (similar to our redesigned 7Figure series) affords maximum mobility and reduces excess fabric. In addition, this paddle jacket is made specifically to be paired with a kayak spray skirt and slims down bulky mid layers with a single piece neoprene over tunnel, which provides a firm yet dry seal.

Single piece neoprene tunnel cover reduce bulk and keep you peak sexy 

Hydrophobic 2.5 layer polyester fabric is durable yet lightweight, breathes, dries quickly, and prevents condensation build-up. This top is highly underrated and massively loved by those who know the value of the long-sleeved light paddle jacket for those warm days on cool water. Eliminate the cold water shock while maximizing comfort.

That color scheme...🤤

 Check out out all the fresh colors and grab a long sleeve Nano while they last! 

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