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The Locals | Sagana, Kenya | Pt 2

The Locals | Sagana, Kenya | Pt 2

Kepha Mutugi 

Some friends in the community introduced me to slalom when I was 18 years old. I did two days in the slalom club than had to go away because of school. After finishing school Sammy and Glenn got me into white water kayaking. They taught me and I ended up being a photo boater. Eventually, with some more training from Sammy, Glenn, and Savage Wilderness, I ended up getting a job with Savage Wilderness and being the youngest guide. I love kayaking and I especially love rafting. I love it when you get a good line down a rapid and screaming of excitement you receive from the clients. 

One of my favorite achievements was paddling the ‘Lower Tana’ (Grade 4/5) for the first time back in 2019 during the Tana River Festival! 

Idris Juma

Originally from Western Kenya, I came to the Sagana region due to football. I saw Mark Savage on the river rafting with a safety kayaker with him. I was very fascinated by the kayaker. So I decided to make a wooden kayak paddle, use one of the old slalom BA’s, but no helmet! Paddling a section of the Tana, mostly swimming. I came across Kris Collyer who was working for ’Savage Wilderness’ he taught me how to paddle. Since then I have become a guide at ’Savage Wilderness’ not only teaching kayaking and guiding rafting. I have also become a guide on Mt Kenya, Mountain Biking, and other outdoor activities. You would love to know that now I am wearing the correct equipment.  
I love when I take rafting clients surfing in ‘Fish Eye’ rapid on the Tana and trying to ‘dump truck’ or get a vertical flip. 



Daniel Chomba (Batister)

When I was in primary school I got introduced to slalom by Titus. Titus helped me get into slalom and we were training near the ‘Savage Wilderness’ camp. We held a competition at the camp to compete for some places to travel to South Africa. I won my category K1, and I was able to travel to South Africa to compete. Savage Wilderness employed me as a member of there maintenance team. From there I progressed on becoming a guide for Savage Wilderness. The team at Savage helped me become a coach and start to deliver a range of activities. 
2015 Tana River Festival, Francis and I won the best Kenyan paddler category. We were invited to go and compete in the Nile River Festival. An amazing experience and a highlight in my time in paddling, going down those big waves, and spending a lot of time upside down. 
What I enjoy the most in rafting is having a good line down ’Sphincter Flexor’ and staying dry!  

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Want To Know More?

If you'd like to know more, follow Kepha, Idris, and Daniel on their social media feeds.

Kepha | Facebook & Instagram

Idris Juma | Facebook  & Instagram

Daniel Chomba | Facebook & Instagram

Go here if you'd like more information on the Tana River FestivalSavage Wilderness, or The Nile River Festival


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