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Feb 10, 2020

Donner ünd Blitzen: Desert Scarcity | Rain, Not Reindeer.

For a particular high desert treat we awoke the next morning to the subtle transition of raindrops morphing into the soft pitter-patter of snowflakes accumulating on our tents. 

Jan 14, 2020

Low Water Highs | Opening Up The Lower John Day

The full moon had dipped below the hilltops before we arrived at the river, and our frigid approach to the narrows began in complete darkness, and ended in frozen stillness, just in time for the sunrise.

Sep 17, 2019

The Argentinian Andes

Words By: Agustin Parietti Photography: Nouria Newman & Ben Stookesbury In December 2018, Silvio Gurrieri, Robert...

Apr 22, 2019

Breaking Up the Monotony | An Eastern Oregon Monologue

Written By: Jo Kemper I was diagnosed with mono in early April 2018 and told that I’d likely had it for the past se...

Mar 7, 2019

Exploring Remote Parts of India | A Kayaking Trip to Arunachal Pradesh

Written By: Pramod Magar  I have explored different rivers in India and Nepal with my kayak, but these rivers in the ...

Feb 4, 2019

"The Circle of (River) Life"

I have a confession to make, friends of the whitewater community--I am starting to believe that the river does run in...

May 8, 2018

Upper White River, Oregon from Keeps Mill to Tygh Valley

Article and Photos provided generously by IR Team Member Jo Kemper May 13-14, 2017 APPROXIMATELY 1000 CFS FROM PAT ...

Dec 28, 2017

November in Pakistan

By: Jo Kemper (IR Team Member Extraordinaire)  Foreword I’m struggling to condense nearly a month of paddling in Paki...
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