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100+ Inch Cockpits

Many recreational kayaks have cockpit rims that are quite large - often exceeding 100 inches in circumference. Not sure of your rim size? Check out our spray skirt fit tool. IR does not make a skirt for rims that big, and in fact skirts this big can be hard to find from any manufacturer. There are a few reasons why this is the case:

  • Often these cockpit rims are designed simply for deck rigidity and not properly shaped to hold a skirt on the cockpit rim. Therefore skirts on these boats fall off the cockpit rim very quickly.
  • Recreational boat designers - often not thinking about spray skirt fit- design the rims to contour the boat or to meet specific outfitting requirements. Therefore recreational boat cockpit shapes have tremendous variety. Creating a different skirt to fit all of these shapes would be impossible for us to design and for retailers to stock.
  • Big skirts can be very awkward to put on.
  • Big skirts are expensive to make - sometimes almost equaling the cost of the boat.

This is not to say that skirts for recreational boats are impossible to find - but in most cases, they will be limited to fit a few popular boat styles.

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