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2024 Dry Wear Now Available | Free Shipping on Orders over $99

Pro Terms & Conditions

The Important Bits

  • All pro deal customers will be required to show proof of a current American Whitewater membership to receive a pro deal. Sign up here.
  • To prove your current status as an AW member, please provide a photo or screenshot of your account status on the AW website. 
  • All pro customers MUST be subscribed to our newsletter. You'll be contacted about promotions and account updates on an occasional basis. 
  • Membership in this program should be considered a privilege and never a right or entitlement; this is a partnership of mutual respect.
  • Pro Program members will be required to renew their Pro membership once each year.
  • Please allow up to 10 business days for approval of application.
  • Members must be dealers or paid professionals in the outdoor industry.
  • Merchandise purchased is for personal use only.
  • Merchandise may NOT be purchased for coworkers, friends, family, resale or gifts.
  • Merchandise may NOT be purchased under your Pro account for outdoor programs, SAR groups, or client use.
  • The Pro Program pricing is confidential and should not be disclosed to anyone who has not been invited by us to participate in the program.
  • Any abuse of the IR Pro Program will result in forfeiture of future Pro Program privileges.
  • As an industry professional, it is understood that you are placing increased demands on our gear due to the nature of your job. Damage due to wear and tear will happen at an accelerated rate. Because of this, all warranty and repair claims made by pro and industry customers will be evaluated on a discretionary basis. 
  • All terms and conditions and privacy policy apply.
  • Qualifications & Terms are subject to change without notice.
  • IR reserves the right to restrict sales to any participant as they see fit.
  • Pro deals are not congruent with other sales and promotions that are offered to Immersion Research's retail customers. 

    Orders & Shipping

  • All orders are subject to review.
  • All orders must be placed on our website. We will not accept email or phone orders.
  • Local sales tax will apply in certain states.
  • Orders are subject to availability – backorders may canceled at any time.
  • DO NOT call or email about shipping rates. They are non-negotiable and are based on current carrier rates. 
  • Pro deal customers are required to pay full shipping rates even if the order total is over the $99.00 free shipping threshold which Immersion Research offers to its regular retail customers. 
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