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How to Order a Drydeck

A dry deck is what we call a dry top attached directly to a spray skirt. Dry decks reduce bulk around your midsection, are quick to put on, and provide a completely dry seal between the skirt and the dry top. They’re great for freestyle paddling, touring, and easy river running but should be used with great caution when creeking.

Start by selecting a skirt and dry top of your choice off the IR site. Specify in the order notes at checkout that you’d like to have these made into a dry deck. We will contact you after we receive the sale, and collect an assembly fee from you, and double check sizing. The assembly fee is $125 for IR garments and $175 for items of another brand.

  • Please triple check with us on sizing.
  • We need a measurement from you before we start. It’s the height from the top of the cockpit rim to the top of your shoulder.

Dry Decks are NOT considered safe for creek boating or paddling any place you might end up with something like a log across your skirt. The skirt and jacket are joined with a very robust glued seam, meaning you are not going to be able to come out of your boat through the skirt tunnel if the skirt is pinned to the deck.

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