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Jordan Slaughter’s Top 5 Reasons Why You Will Love The Shawty Womens Dry Suit

Jordan Slaughter’s Top 5 Reasons Why You Will Love The Shawty Womens Dry Suit


I have been using my Shawty Drysuit for a little over six months now and I am so happy with it! Here are a few reasons why I love my Shawty so much.

Scouting “Little Drop of Horrors” on the Klinaklini River with Jo Kemper (Photo: Maranda Stopol)

1. The Zippers:

Immersion Research uses plastic zippers that lie flat and don’t snag or feel bulky like metal zips. Once I tried a suit with plastic zips, there was no way that I would ever choose a metal zipper again—flat lying plastic zippers are so comfortable and much more low profile. I also find that the lengths of the shoulder and pee zips on the Shawty are perfect, the shoulder zip doesn’t run too far down on the sleeves of my suit, and the relief zipper is wide enough for ease of use without getting in the way of walking and sitting. Speaking of the relief zips, I really enjoy having a pee zip in the front of my suit, rather than a larger relief zips that some other brands add to the rear of their suits.  I find that it’s way more comfortable to sit down in my kayak, and the front zip doesn’t snag when I’m walking or trying to get out of my boat. Plus, peeing standing up is pretty fun!  (just ask Jo Kemper)

Dropping onto the Ruins Wave during a chilly day of spring runoff paddling in Quebec (Photo: Seth Ashworth)

2. The Fabric:

IR’s fabric is light, dry, and breathable. It comes in awesome colors, and it feels super durable when portaging through thick bush, or thorns. I’ve had my Shawty for about 6 months of heavy use and it’s still totally dry. The neoprene punch-through wrist cuffs and neck over-cuffs are also great because they are comfortable, and the neoprene adds a little extra insulation to keep sensitive areas like my wrists and neck warm. In addition to the breathable fabric that makes up the whole suit, the Shawty also comes with fabric booties that make it easy to layer with a couple pairs of wool socks for cold days, but still remain breathable and comfy so I never get the dreaded swamp foot.

Priscilla Macy taking the plunge into Yellowjacket Creek Photo:Jacob Cruiser

3. The Fit:

I appreciate IR’s women’s cut because it’s tailored to a smaller frame without feeling too tight or restrictive. This allows me to accommodate extra layers in cold weather, and to have a comfy and relaxed fit when I sit in my boat. I also find that the built-in webbing belt helps create a great custom feel. I have short legs and a long torso, so having a webbing belt built into the suit allows me to cinch up my pant legs and get them out of the way when I’m portaging or hiking.

Matching Jo Kemper on the Klinaklini photo: Maranda Stopol

4. Matching outfits on the River: In addition to having great style in the Shawty, I love matching some of my girl friends on the river. It feels like you’re in a secret badass club when you and your pals all show up wearing the same drysuit—it never fails to make everyone else a little jealous. I’ve had so many fun times being twins with Jo and Priscilla on some of our epic adventures.

Jo Kemper leading the charge down the Grays River in some classic rainy and cold PNW weather.

5. The IR Guarantee:

I know that if anything happens to my suit, I can send it back to IR for repairs and amazing customer support.

Author, Jordan Slaughter headshot.

Jordan Slaughter is holding it down in White Salmon with other known rippers. She paddles as part of the Immersion Research exposure team.

She loves to travel all over for kayaking. Over that past couple years she’s been to New Zealand, China, Mexico, and Canada, working as a kayak instructor and doing some personal paddling.

She has an English degree, that she says hasn’t been helping much with kayaking adventures although its great for our IR Blog!

Some of my other favorite hobbies are mushroom hunting, tanning, surfing, and snacking.

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