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Repairs and Maintenance

State of the Art Repair Facility

We’ve got the knowledge, tools, and experience to do the highest quality repairs. Gasket replacements done at IR match the exact quality and standards as the originals, tailoring is done by expert pattern makers, and repairs are done using perfect matches for adhesives and materials.

Expert Repairs Done By Expert Paddlers

As paddlers, we understand that quick turnaround time is crucial when the water is up. Our repair team knows first hand what you’re going to put your gear through. Rest assured your repairs will be completed in a timely manner to the highest possible standard.

We Service Gear From Any Brand

IR also now accepts paddling garments from all brands- not just IR branded items.

Get Started

To start the repair process, simply fill out a new support ticket. Our repair team will be in touch. We’ll provide instructions on what to do next. It is extremely helpful to attach photos of your garment and/or the area that needs to be repaired when creating a ticket. This will help the response time considerably.

Current Prices For Common Repairs

 Job IR Garment Price Non-IR Garment Price
Replace Latex Wrist (Each) $25 $29
Replace Latex Neck $61.25 $73.75
Replace Neck and Both Wrist Gaskets $100 $116
Replace Latex Booties (Pair) $69.50 $84
Replace Fabric Booties (Pair) $128.25 $150.75
Pressure Test Suit or Jacket $30 $42
Convert Semi-dry Neck to Latex Neck $92.50 $117.50
Spray Skirt Repair $10-$60
C-1 Tunnel Conversion $40 $56
Drydeck Conversion Fee $75 $105
Shorten Spray Skirt Tunnel $12.50 $17.50
Change Spray Skirt Waist Size $20 $28
Shorten Pants (Dry Suit or Paddle Pants) $43.75 $61.25
Shorten Sleeves (Dry Suit, Dry Top, or Paddle Jacket) $40 $56
Lengthen Pants (Dry Suit or Paddle Pants) $60 $84
Lengthen Sleeves $55 $77

Still have questions?

Reach out to our customer service team. We're here to help.

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