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How to Put a Spray Skirt On

First, make sure you have the correct deck size to fit your cockpit. Not sure what size you need? Check out our page on spray skirt size.

Step into the back of your skirt and give it a few good stretches before you even put it on and get into the boat. Second, know that when the skirt is wet it will always go on easier. Make sure the grab handle is on the outside by folding the front of the skirt inside out with your thumbs. You’ll notice the grippy strips on the underside of the skirt – those function to keep your skirt secure and dry while paddling. If you allow those strips to make complete contact with the cockpit before you begin stretching the skirt it will inhibit your ability to get the skirt on easily.

  1. Lean back and hook the back of the skirt around the back of the cockpit.
  2. Grab the skirt next to your hips.
  3. Stretch the skirt as far forward as you can.
  4. Press the silicone strips against the cockpit using your forearms. You can take this opportunity to rest your arms.
  5. Adjust your grip further forward and stretch the skirt the rest of the way. You can repeat steps 3 and 4 again if you need to. Depending on how tight your skirt is, how long your arms are, and how long your cockpit is you may need to. Slide your hands up the skirt casing as you stretch onto the cockpit and snap it on
  6. Check around the sides to make sure your skirt is all tucked in and your grab handle is on the outside and easily accessible.
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