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The Green Race

The Green Race

Its been a week since the 22nd Annual Green Race popped off in Asheville, NC. Almost long enough for your gear and liver to dry out. The greatest show in sports delivered as always with big crowds and classic east coast white water. Immersion Research is stoked about all of the paddlers that stepped up to the start line.

Pat Keller, Asheville white water royalty, had his local lines wired to place 2nd in the continuing battle with Eric Deguil, 2016 and 2017 winner. Times this year were scorching fast and the top spots were separated by a single second for the 2nd year in a row. Both Pat and Eric broke the previous course record and are within striking distance of the mythical sub four minute run. Next year will be one to watch.

Our resident repair wizard and sporty race ripper, Ian Van Wingert, found himself at the sharp end of the leader board. Ian placed in the top 5 for the first time in his Green Race career.

It looks like he’ll stay on the payroll until next year. Remember to give this Dagger certified All-American Heart Throb a high five the next time you see him.

Thanks to Priscilla “P Money” Macy for the photos. The freaking rad Green Race art work was formed in the creative forge that is Nick Osetek, check out his other excellent work. Thanks again to John and Chelsea Grace and Amongst It for continuing to put on an awesome event for the global kayaking community. See you next year and save us a spot in the Gangstas section.

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