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MIHR | Our Latest Creation and New Projects

MIHR | Our Latest Creation and New Projects


We Made A Throw Bag!  


Swimmer's Choice


Our team of product developers have been busting out a ton of new work in our Hood River sew room. We have even started developing and creating more gear in conjunction with other garments.

One new piece of gear we just made is a throw bag. As it turns out, rope is stupid expensive. We aren't going to get tied up in that conversation though. Instead, you can come hang out in Hood River with our product developer, Wyatt, for a bunch of rope and knot-knot jokes. 

For the Swimmer’s Choice throw bag, we sourced our rope from a quality New England manufacturer for added peace of mind. US sourced anything is always our first choice, especially if we are making it ourselves in Hood River.

Here is the skinny on this slim-jim:


  • Made in Hood River, OR 🌊🗻☀️
  • Durable Cordura® bag resists wear and abrasion
  • Mesh drain panels improve drainage and speed up drying
  • Twist-and-snap closure is quick to deploy
  • Narrow profile stows easily in the seat channel of most boats
  • Hi-vis color options stand out in any condition

Technical Specs

  • Bag - Urethane coated, 1000 denier Cordura® with DWR
  • Rope Material - 12-strand hollow braid Polypropylene
  • Rope Length - 70' total
  • Diameter - 5/16"
  • Average Tensile Strength - 2200 lbs


Interested in picking one up? Go get one of them here.

John Daly holding throw bagJohn Daly kissing throw bag


In Other News..

We have a lot of other projects going on for gear and garments being made in Hood River right now. On top of working through 2024 staple products and dry wear, our product team has been hot and heavy on the sewing machines. We've recently made Short Sleeve and Long Sleeve Gravitee shirts. A great active wear layer for the trail or the water.  All of which have unique small-batch counter parts in the HR store with different color ways and fabrics. You should probably swing by and check them out.  Our team has been loving them as a mountain biking jersey.

Immersion Research Hood River store with locally made outdoor garments.

(New batch of Gravitees with a few more limited colorway mash ups at the IR Hood River store.)

There are new Men's and Women's Baseline Hoodies! For a few other small-batch color combos, swing by the Hood River store as we usually have more unique options that aren't available on-line.

Wyatt climbing in a new Baseline Hoodie

(Product developer, Wyatt, working his way back down the Monte Cristo slab in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest after climbing. Rocking the new Men's Baseline Hoodie.)

We are stoked on a few projects to be finished around the Holiday time. We are working on some new Polartec® Power Stretch™ Sendresses for the cooler months. Along with a super super incredibly secret tracksuit made of ultra comfy heavy weight fleece from Polartec®. You can get a taste of that here. should probably get a taste of that treat.


We will have some small bits made out of scrap fabric available too. Items like our Cover Bands n'at. Good stocking stuffings for all yinz. 


There is also a gear bag project. Oddly enough, this is what we are most fired up about. It is so hard to find a simple, durable gear bag. We want something that will stand up to hard use and contain all our bits. It doesn’t need to be overly designed, have poor zippers or consist of any cheap fabric either. So, we are working on it. It's almost ready, in fact.

We can't think of a better way to test the durability than to pass it on to the young guns over at WCA who have a reputation for being tough on gear. Word in the van is that those kids can't make a gear bag last even a single semester with the amount of abuse that they put one through.

We're up for the challenge. 

Alright, enough words. We are going back to the sewing machines instead of this type writer. Thanks for reading. Ta-Ta now. 

 Product Developer working on a gear bag

(Ian working on gear bag bitz.)


Wyatt sewing straps

(Wyatt sewing some heavy duty webbing on to a pattern panel of a gear bag.) 

Product Developer working on patterns

(Ian making sure his pattern pieces are right on the money.) 





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