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Paddlers planning their food supply for an expedition kayaking trip.

Fiordland: 100 Days and 20 First Descents

Announcing a new expedition in Fiordland National Park, New Zealand. 
Three Paddlers: Dan Sutherland (Queenstown, NZ), Ethan Roadley (Milford, NZ), Daymon Nuhaj (Nelson, NZ).
Follow their adventure via their Garmin Satellite Device:
Launching Friday, April 5th, 2024— Three paddlers will embark on a single mission in the remote region of Fiordland National Park, NZ. Their goal is to bag 20 (or as many possible) First Descents on un-explored drainages surrounding the Fiordlands region. To do so, they are allotting themselves 100 days of remote living.  All accessed via kayaks and human power. Fishing, hunting, and diving as they explore the region to provide supplemental food sources.
Google earth map of the south western region of New Zealand.
"Carved by glaciers over 100,000 years the landscape is one where waterfalls cascade hundreds of metres into deep black fiords; where ancient rainforest untouched by man clings to mountains and where shimmering lakes and granite peaks look as they did a thousand years ago." - (
The Plan:

As a crew of three, we plan to set off at the start of April 2024 to sea kayak the length of Fiordland, from South to North. Starting in Lake Hauroko, paddling our way up the coast and making three main base camps along the way. This is where we will base ourselves for roughly 30 days in each site. The goal is to explore rivers that have high potential for first descents in whitewater kayaks and to attempt to paddle these virgin rivers in remote locations.

A Sea kayak geared up with fishing pole and supplies for a paddling trip.

When rain comes it will be our window to attempt the majority of the rivers as they will require higher flows. When the weather is good we will be fishing, diving, and hunting for food, all while exploring the valleys and peaks of some of the roughest, most remote, corners of New Zealand.

A kayaker catching an eddy on a remote river in the Foirds region of New Zealand.

Base Camps:

Camp One: Cliff Cove in Taiari / Chalky Inlet

Camp Two: Doubtful Sound / Patea

Camp Three: Taiporoporo / Charles Sound

The goal with the base camps is to allow us a place to set up and return to after the harder days. It will give us somewhere to dry out and shelter from the seven meters of a annual rain fall Fiordland receives. 

Everything we are bringing will fit inside of the whitewater boats so they can be lowered over the side of a fishing boat and towed to shore with our sea kayaks.

Two kayakers paddling down a remote river in New Zealand.

100 Days. Plentiful first descents. Remote explorations in what has been considered one of few "wonders of the world". 

See you all in a 100 days!

- Dan Sutherland and Team.

 Stay tuned for updates on their trip. We look forward to video pieces and imagery from their trip as they have a safe return! See you in a 100 days team!

Technical Gear For Their Trip:


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