Pro Deal FAQ

Who qualifies for a pro deal with IR?

IR currently accepts prodeal requests from IR retailer employees, fellow industry professionals (for example, if your company exhibits at OR), full time guides, safety boaters, instructors and ACA level 4 and 5 instructors. This program is currently only available to people located in the US.

If you meet one of those requirements, you can send an email to and request to be admitted into the program. To expedite things, please include your name, proof of employment (pay stub, link to a staff bio webpage, email from employer) or current ACA Level 4 or 5 instructor card. 

If you are accepted, you will be issued a login information for that will allow pro deal pricing to be be displayed when you’re logged in.

If you are writing regarding potential sponsorship, you need to direct that request to

Can I purchase a gift for someone with my pro deal discount?

No. This prodeal is for you. Not your boyfriend or wife or your bros. That means if you are ordering 3 identical skirts or if you’re a guy ordering women’s gear, expect a call from us.

Can I apply for the program if I work internationally?

The IR Pro Program is currently not available outside of the United States.

Do you have a Pro warranty?

Prodeal garments are not under the same warranty as our retail products- they do not have the 1 year free repair service, and because we’re assuming you’re a serious paddler, we’re also assuming you’re a little harder on gear. Don’t get us wrong – we love having great paddlers use our stuff, however, the “life of a garment” in the hands of a person who paddles 200 days a year might be slightly different that a typical customer. Don’t worry – we still want you to be very happy with your gear and our service, but we do factor the price paid and use of the gear into our warranty equation.

Why isn't my Pro account showing discounted pricing?

Every year or so, we will put your prodeal account into limbo and we’ll ask you to re-apply. Its our way of keeping this program under control. We’ll send an email notifying you when you need to reapply.

Why am I paying to ship for my pro order even if it is over $100?

All-Pro Deal Customers pay full shipping regardless of order total. We love giving the hookup. But we can’t pay your shipping charge as well. Though we still think you are awesome.