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Welcome to Microbrew

The brainchild of co-founder John Weld, the Microbrew program is a way for Immersion Research to remain true to its roots as a small, core whitewater kayaking brand. Twenty five years ago, the company was founded with the goal of designing innovative, high performance paddling gear and having fun while doing it. 

Over the years, we've learned a ton about building a good product. From spray skirts and back bands to layers and drysuits, we've done it all. The Microbrew program is a way for us to use everything we've learned and apply it to fun, practical, and exciting new gear and products that can be used in all kinds of ways, whether it be on the river or elsewhere. 

Supplies are limited, so if you see something you like, you'd better move quickly. Just like runoff in the spring, this stuff isn't here forever, so get it while the gettin' is good. 

As always, IR gear is by paddlers, for paddlers and we have no plans of changing anytime soon. Enjoy the new, limited edition goods and we’ll see you on the river. 

Much love, 

The IR Crew

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