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The Argentinian Andes

Words By: Agustin Parietti

Photography: Nouria Newman & Ben Stookesbury

In December 2018, Silvio Gurrieri, Robert Derias, Ben Stookesberry, Nouria Newman and myself went on an expedition in the Argentinian Andes. It was an expedition of great physical demand. On the second day of hiking, we crossed over the Argentine pass at 4500 meters to reach the high Tunuyan River Valley where there is a military refuge called Real de la Cruz. From there we walked the third day with the kayaks approximately 10 kilometers and did the first descent of the river Palomares, and we arrived again at the refuge. The fourth day we began the descent of the Tunuyan River Canyon. It took us 5 more days to complete the trip. We had beautiful days of hot, bright sun, which melted a lot of snow and put the river at a really strong level. For this and some other reasons, some of us left the kayaks at the end of a section of portaging and we walked out. After two months, we went back, found the kayaks and we were able to finish the mission.

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