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Klickitat River Clean-Up

Support healthy watersheds and give back to the community. Clean watersheds rock!

Fly In Minam River Trip | Eastern Oregon

It was channelized enough to float effortlessly, and it appeared we were in for a leisure float through a ponderosa f...

The Paddling Jacket Of Your Dreams | Long Sleeve Nano

We shed some light on one of our most underrated pieces of paddling gear ever.

How-To | Hard To Stretch Spray Skirt

Get that pesky spray skirt to stretch onto your rim with ease while looking like a pro.

My 2020 Highlight Reel | Hell, Help, and Healing

"I was in a state, and not a good one. I was in a state of denial. I was denying that this intermittent back pain I’d...

How-To | Folding A Dry Suit

Learn how to fold a dry suit. Quick and easy.

A Quick Word on Knock Off Dry Suits

In the market for a new dry suit? Here's a quick breakdown of why it's worthy ponying up the extra cash for something...

Exploring the upper canyons of the Río Puesco

After paddling all of your local classics, sometimes it's worth a bit of extra work to open up a new run, right in yo...

The Locals | Nepal & India

My life would have taken a very different path, if I had not fallen in love with kayaking as a young  kid - and to st...

The Locals | Sagana, Kenya | Pt 2

'The locals' is a feature blog series about paddle crews, people, and scenes from around the world. This is part two ...

The Locals | Sagana, Kenya | Pt 1

'The locals' is a feature blog series about paddle crews, people, and scenes from around the world. The first section...

Importance of Community

One area there house became an island and three members of the family where stuck. The team was able to paddle across...
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