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DIY | Dry Wear Repair

Holes, punctures, and tears happen. Here is how you can repair your own dry wear with this quick, simple, do-it-yourself dry wear repair guide.

This technique uses Aquaseal. Aquaseal is a permanent adhesive. Once it has cured nothing will stick to it, including more Aquaseal. We only recommend this for emergency repairs in the middle of a panel. Using this technique at a seam will make that area much more difficult and potentially impossible to repair in the future. For temporary repairs we recommend using Gear Aid Tenacious Tape. It's a peel and stick product you can cut to size on the inside and outside of your garment. It's easy for us to remove and repair properly when you have a chance to part with your gear for a few weeks.

Materials Needed

Aquaseal, masking tape, popsicle stick or a small paintbrush. 


1. Tape off the interior of the tear so the Aquaseal doesn't get on the inside of the garment. 

2. Mask off the area you'll be applying the Aquaseal to. Try to be neat about it. 

3. Apply the Aquaseal. 

4. Wait roughly 20 minutes or until the Aquaseal becomes slightly tacky. Then remove the masking tape while the Aquaseal is still wet. 

5. Take a moment and savor the beauty of your hard work. Continue to let it dry for several hours until it is completely dry. Once it is fully dry repeat this process on the inside of the tear.

6. Most importantly, commence boating and being awesome. 




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