About IR Backbands

Need some Backband Installation Help? Immersion Research specializes in the manufacture of ratchet-style backbands. IR’s particular style of backbands feature the combination of a traditional kayak backrest and snowboard binding ratchets to create a very easy to adjust but remarkably stable and strong unit that can be fit in almost any kind of closed deck boat. In fact, Immersion Research applied for and received a patent on this very popular design, and subsequently has become one of the largest backband manufacturers in the world, with backbands available both off the shelf, and as OEM equipment in some of the largest brands of kayaks.

IR backbands that come as OEM equipment in a new boat usually do not require any modification, or any extra installation steps. Occasionally, these units may need replacement parts, which can be purchased here. Keep in mind that often times we plan for parts to break before they damage the boat during extreme stress, and 90% of warranty claims address this scenario. In short, sometimes you want the backband to break, and this breakage reflects planned obsolescence.

Replacing your existing backband with and IR backband, however, often times requires backband installation help. IR offers these two comprehensive videos for assistance:

How about forward-Adjust Style Backbands?

If your boat originally had a backband with adjustments on the thigh braces (as found in most Jackson and Pyranha kayaks) you can replace or upgrade your backband with our forward-adjust kit.

If your boat did not originally have a forward-adjust backband, it is still possible to install one, however, this may be a much trickier installation, and particular care needs to be taken when assessing the anchor points for the ratchets. Many boats have thigh braces that are too weak to withstand the tension applied to a backband.

In general, keep in mind that every backband installation is a bit different, and when it comes to installation there is no right or wrong answer, as long as the backband offers the support you need and is safe. If you have any questions or problems regarding installation, you can always call us at 814-395-9191 mon-fri 9:00 to 5:00 EST.